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Why we love ArenaSoccer!


Why KIDS love ArenaSoccer™ … 

         A soccer arena in your own back yard!  More touches on the ball to master skills faster

         Dramatically strengthens eye/foot coordination and reaction times


Why PARENTS love ArenaSoccer™ …

         Ball stays in play … doesn’t go over the fence, into the street or into a window

         Gives kids great exercise in a short amount of time

         Pets don’t interfere with play; children are within view of adult supervision

         A family activity center! For enclosed play, an eating area, ball-based games … like T-ball!

         Optional, easy-on and off UV-Shade canopy available

         Easy to move within the backyard


     Why COACHES love ArenaSoccer™ …

         Ball stays in play. . .less chasing, more touches

         Develops quick footwork and ball control

         When purchased for the team, take it along to road games and tournaments for fun and practice

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