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About GSM International, Inc

GSM International, Inc., Global Sales & Marketing (“GSM”) is a professional product development and marketing organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  GSM products are designed to be successfully sold in the U.S. and internationally in high volume retail and specialty stores.  Featured products are of very high quality and suitable for internet sales and UPS shipping.

GSM International is the designer and holds all world wide patent, manufacturing, and marketing rights for ArenaSoccer.  This back yard soccer arena is branded under “ArenaSoccer”, "SoccerDome” and a generic market “Soccer Enclosure”.   This unique enclosed soccer area is fully patented thereby securing market strength and protecting dealer margins. 

GSM is also the exclusive agent in North and South America for T-Carts and Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground and above ground Trampolines and enclosures.

Retailers, distributors, or others that would like more detailed information about our products should contact us directly.

      PRO-LINE trampoline  

Contact Information: 

GSM International, Inc.                                             

7110 Brookshire Drive                                 

Dallas, TX 75230                                        

Tel/fax: (214) 696-2157                             




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