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PRO-LINE trampoline by AVYNA  

Trampolines and Enclosures

Competitive Options – The popularity of outdoor round trampolines has spawned more than a dozen manufacturers selling in the US market.  Most trampolines are sold by the major discount retailers whose sales leaders have been driving down both the price and the quality of most US trampolines sold.  This price competition has required manufacturers to build lighter frames and use cheaper fabric components both which have reduced the effective safe life of the trampolines they sell.  This major decrease in quality has greatly increased the danger to the children jumping on them. 

In selecting a trampoline for their children parents are faced with the dilemma of buying at low price at the major discounters or trying to select from those trampolines sold on the internet a unit that offers a safe level of quality and a long useful life.  The parent must sort through the ranges of prices offered by the various manufacturers on the Internet, each of which has a built in freight cost of roughly $150-175 for shipping within the United Sates. 

Located in The Netherlands, Avyna, and the makers of Pro-Line trampolines, has tailored its trampolines to meet the exacting demands of European consumers who have not yet bought into the American model of low cost, low quality, throw away products.  Notice the quality European automobile brands that are capturing a larger and larger portion of the premium American automobile market.   

To tell the Pro-Line and Avyna story, the makers of Pro-Line have produced the following YouTube videos to help parents make a safe trampoline buying decision for their family.  Please refer to:

          Olympic Champion Shows the Difference between Trampolines              www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGLoznWCDFM

          Why a Pro-Line Avyna?                                                                  www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOnu8CwYpAU

Avyna Pro-Line                                                                            www.youtube.com/watch?v=daLqMiv4szk

TE Avyna Production Movie                                                            www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k5nLqhev4E

Safety Tips                            http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q_8BcQDI5vE&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dq_8BcQDI5vE

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                                                                               New Platinum Combo                      New Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline

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                                                                                        Why Buy Pro-Line?

Pro-Line trampolines are the premiere trampolines in the American market today. 

Pro-Line units are produced by the largest European seller of premium trampolines for discriminating families. 

Pro-Line trampolines with longer, stronger springs provides the deeper, softer bounce not available from competitive products. 

Pro-Line’s heavier frame with double thickness galvanized coating provides a safer, longer lasting unit designed for the most safety conscious family. 

Pro-Line's unique enclosure design presents an attractive, trouble free addition for tailored backyard landscapes

    * Ambiance - The Pro-Line was designed to fit unobtrusively in the background of elegant garden areas so as to provide the absolute minimum of visual distraction from the natural and developed family areas.  The forest green of the trampoline and netting blend naturally into a lovely garden paradise.  The heavy duty netting and pad materials last longer maintaining this ambience much longer than lighter weigh, poorly designed units.

    * Safety The inherent safety aspects built into a new trampoline are maintained for much longer by the quality built into Pro-Line units.  Heavy duty designs for Pro-Line pads, frame, enclosure, and springs extend these design safety factors for years beyond that of lighter weight trampolines providing your family with an added period of trouble free jumping.

    * Value Trampolines have proved to be an item that children seldom outgrow.  Count the years between the youngest of your children and when they might go off to college, and this is the life expectancy you need from a trampoline.  With a longer expected useful life than others on the market, Pro-Line trampolines provide you with the lowest annual cost of any trampoline currently available.





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