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ArenaSoccer Concepts

The concept of a home soccer enclosure as a potentially high volume children’s play item is based on the successful business model of round, backyard trampolines.  From less than 10,000 such trampolines sold annually twenty yeas ago, the worldwide sales of round trampolines peaked at over 700,000 units in 2003 as the market matured after over fifteen years of sustained growth. 

Home trampoline sales grew without any base constituency, but ArenaSoccer will have an established base of new, young soccer players each year.  These youngsters will have eager parents looking to provide them with a safe place to play and develop their skills at home between practices and games, alone or with their friends. 

With this historical trampoline precedent, with a base of youngsters playing the most popular sport in the world, and with the product introduction occurring during the 2006 World Cup, we believe this soccer product has the sales potential of several times that achieved by trampolines.  If these assumptions prove correct, unit sales of ArenaSoccer should develop rapidly to several million units sold annually, plus for these same reasons, it should have a longer product life cycle. 

The patent owners, Molly Soccer, Inc., have field tested the ArenaSoccer concepts with hundreds of young soccer players for over the past three years.  The final ArenaSoccer design is based on proven trampoline technology and is expected to sell at a retail price point in the range of a trampoline/enclosure combination that is currently sold in many retail stores here in the US.  Garden space should not be an issue for most homes, because the footprint in the backyard of the 14-foot diameter ArenaSoccer is the same as backyard trampolines. 

Additionally, ArenaSoccer will not have the major safety reservations that parents, insurance companies, pediatric, and other groups have had regarding trampolines.  In fact, ArenaSoccer should make practicing soccer safer by keeping the balls out of the public streets and away from passing automobiles.

GSM International, Inc. of Dallas is responsible for the design, product management, and sales of ArenaSoccer.  GSM is under the direction of former Jumpking sales and marketing personnel who, dating back over twenty-five years helped build Jumpking’s product line and market position.

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